METAMORPH Cork Holster and Belt Bag

$ 275.00

Material: Black cork "leather" - sustainable and eco-friendly

The original. A truly versatile holster and belt bag. An angular & geometric design suited to compliment your humanoid form. Endless ways to wear. Every time we photograph this bag a new possibility is discovered. Just rearrange the straps, buckle it on and discover your favorite new way to wear. Very comfortable. Great for getting lost out in a futuristic desert, time travel or naked bike rides (or non-naked bike rides).

Your new bag will have two sizes of pouches. The larger is 5.5" x 6" x 1.5" and contains an extra pocket and can be strapped around your leg for extra security and looking bad-ass. (Leg strap not shown worn in all photos). The smaller is 4" x 4.5" x 1.5". Both can be snapped on and off, so you can wear one, wear 2, or even just wear the belt. Each pouch has a hidden zipper pocket on the back. This bag is built to last.

Some ways to wear this bag:
1. Belted around your waist with a pouch on each hip.
2. Over your shoulder like a double gun holster.
3. Like a classic shoulder bag – Use one pouch or layer two.
4. Split into 2 bags – loan one to a friend. How nice of you!

Sizing S/M or M/L

Sizing is unisex. The bag is very adjustable and easy to fit. If you find you fall in the middle of both sizes choose the S/M. You are always welcome to send us your measurements if you have any concerns about fit.

Your order will be handmade by our amazing team of leather artisans at Hellbent Studios. We are located in New Orleans, USA. Most orders ship in about 2 weeks. If there is a specific date you need your order by please let us know! We also offer a 1 week rush option for a fee (it will ship in 1 week instead of 2, please still allow time for delivery). *Orders placed between August 18th and September 2nd 2018 may not ship until 3-4 weeks. Rush orders will still ship within 1 week. Thank you for your patience.

Ask us about custom orders!