PENTAGRAM Leather Harness - New!

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Keep those inner demons right where you want them!

Perfect for all varieties of Goths, including but not limited to: Vampire Goths, Cyber Goths, Pastel Goths, Glam Goths, Traditional Goths, Faerie Goths, Metal Goths, Raver Goths, or Steamgoths.
Also perfect for occultists: swamp witches, forest witches, sea witches, lunar witches, garden witches, satanists, metalheads, pagans (including wiccans), or really anybody.
Details: Straps are 1/2" wide, and this harness connects with two buckles: one at the back of the neck and one around the torso above the chest.
This one can be a bit tricky as it's hard to buckle something in the center of your back. To wear without assistance, buckle the bottom buckle first, with the harness spun around to your back and the buckle in front, then spin it around the torso so its facing the correct direction and then buckle the neck buckle.

Available in many colors, this particular pentagram harness differs from many others in that rather than crossing the chest and laying under the chest, it rests fashionably on the upper chest, therefore it can fit many more body types (and just looks better, of course!)

Item Details
• Straps are 1/2” (13mm) wide
• Material options: Full grain leather,  Vegan faux-leather
• Many Color Options
• Hardware Color Options: Silver, Antique Brass 
• Sizing:
S: neck: 11.5"-14.5" Chest: 30"-38"
M: neck: 13.5"-16.5" Chest: 36"-44"
L: neck: 15.5"-19.5" Chest: 42"-50"

• Handmade in New Orleans, USA.

Your order will be handmade by our amazing team of leather artisans at Hellbent’s New Orleans studio. Most orders are completed and shipped in about 2 weeks. If there is a specific date you need your order by please let us know. We also offer a 1 week rush option for a fee (it will ship in 1 week instead of 2, please still allow time for delivery).

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